Dreamscape Lighting Mfg. Inc

Dreamscape's High CRI LED 5600 Board

Dreamscape Lighting’s 5600 LED board offers unsurpassed optical brilliance and is featured in Dreamscape Lighting’s new Reflections V and VI bath and vanity lighting as well as DLED-5600 architectural linear LED fixtures.


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DLED-9000 - Los Angeles, CA

Attention Dreamscape Reps

For over 25 years Dreamscape Lighting has provided the architectural and landscape industries with cutting edge, technically relevant, proprietary lighting fixtures.  Our growth has enabled us to continue to develop new products, and make sure that existing products feature new lighting technology.  In the next few weeks we will be reaching out to you, our great reps, to make sure that you are up to speed and on the same page!  We have always considered our reps to be the cornerstone of our business, and our renewed commitment to our reps will enable them to offer, demo and supply Dreamscape lighting architectural lighting products to their accounts.  If you are a specifier, please see our rep page, or contact Richard Stellar at our factory.