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Dreamscape's LED Master Collection

Dreamscape Lighting’s LED Master Collection is our LED spec guide that contains updated specification sheets, diagrams, product information, power supply information, and other content that enables lighting designers and lighting specifiers the ability to compare and contrast all Dreamscape linear LED lighting from one technical digest.


Click here to download your copy. Last revised March 15, 2013

DLED-9000 - Los Angeles, CA

High CRI LED Linear and Vanity Lighting

Dreamscape Lighting does not follow technological achievements in lighting.  We lead with these achievements and offer them in architectural, commercial and residential fixtures.  Our new LED board that features 98 CRI is now available either in architectural linear lighting via our DLED-5600 (97 CRI and 356 lumens per foot at only 3.9 watts per foot) and via our Reflections III  Bath and Vanity fixture (98 CRI and 712 lumens per foot at only 7.8 watts per foot).  Both series are available in 2700K, 3000K and 3K-90 for the new 98 CRI board.  

You won’t find fixtures like these anywhere else.  Dreamscape Lighting prides itself on designing and manufacturing proprietary, patented fixtures that matches cutting edge technology with architectural esthetics.