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DLED-9000 7.8W HDA

DLED-9000 7.8W LTE

DLED-9000 3.9W HDA

CAD Files

DLED-9000_7.8WHDA - with dimensions

DLED-9000_7.8WLTE - with dimensions

DLED-9000_3.9WHDA - with dimensions

Installation Instructions
DLED-9000 Installation Instructions for Ceiling
and Wall Mount Fixtures

DLED-9000 Vertical L and Inverted U Design Guide
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Product Description

Multi (7.8W) or Single (3.9W) LED strip recessed trimless dimmable linear LED fixture with integral flush-with-drywall self-finishing housing and screwless decorative white acrylic diffuser. Suitable for wall or ceiling mount applications. Comes as a 7.8W HDA or LTE (HDA = 3-wire Highlume 1% dimming driver. LTE = 2-wire Highlume 1% dimming driver), or as a 3.9W HDA fixture. 7.8W utilizes two LED strips along the length of the fixture. 3.9W utilizes one LED strip along length of fixture.

Product Features

High transmission diffuser. Sand blasted white finish available.
120V Highlume A dimmable driver included.
Adjustable L brackets enable precise positioning.
White powder coated wiring cover.
One 1/2" knockout on end where ballast is located.
Available in 120V or 277V.

Product Labels
Design Patent No. 473,670S
,616.309 B2
ETL listed.
Product Notes
This product is dimmable, and available with either 2-wire (LTE) or 3-wire (HDA) dimming.



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