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DLED-9000 Hotel Lobby

DLED-9000 Hotel Lobby

DLED-9000 Cutaway Diagram

DLED-9000 Cutaway Diagram

DLED-9000 Recessed Dimmable LED Linear Fixture with Acrylic Diffuser

Product Description:

Multi (7.8W) or Single (3.9W) recessed dimmable LED linear fixture with integral flush-with-drywall self-finishing housing and screwless decorative white acrylic diffuser. Suitable for wall or ceiling mount applications. Comes as a 7.8W HDA, LTE or LTF (HDA = 3-wire Highlume 1% dimming driver. LTE = 2-wire Highlume 1% dimming driver. LTF=2-wire driver for 120V only), or as a 3.9W HDA fixture. 7.8W utilizes two LED strips along the length of the fixture. 3.9W utilizes one LED strip along length of fixture.

  • 7.8W @ 520 lumens per foot (2700K or 3000K) @ 80+ CRI
  • 7.8W @ 712 lumens per foot (3K90) @ 98 CRI.
  • 3.9W @ 356 lumens per foot (3K90) @97 CRI.
  • High transmission diffuser. Semi gloss or satin finishes.
  • Adjustable L brackets enable precise positioning.
  • White powder coated wiring cover.
  • One 1/2" knockout on end where ballast is located.
  • Available in 120V or 277V.
  • Design Patent No. 473,670S,616.309 B2
  • ETL listed.

Dimming information:  

  • Lutron HDA Driver - 3-wire dimming with Lutron dimmers
  • Lutron LTE Driver - 2-wire dimming with Lutron dimmers
  • LTF Driver - 2-wire dimming with reverse phase with neutral or ELV dimming


Configuring DLED-9000 for Vertical-L and Inverted-U Applications

Dreamscape's Dproducts-9000 LED Linear Fixture has the ability to make tight 90° cornering while continuing on to an adjacent plane.  For example, a linear line can move up vertically along a wall, and then continue along the ceiling plane.

Vertical L and Inverted U Applications.

The ability to transverse two planes with one band of light that corners right angles with a tight seam is possible with Dreamscape Lighting's DLED-9000 Vertical L and Inverted U application.  The DLED-9000 offers two distinct geometric designs.  A vertical L intersects two planes while an inverted U intersects three planes.  Each offers a unique lighting statement.

Terms and Conditions

DLED-9000 Recessed Dimmable LED Linear Fixture with Acrylic Diffuser Downloads

Product Catalogs:

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Spec Sheets

DLED-9000 3.9W Spec Sheet

DLED-9000 7.8W Spec Sheet

DLED-9000 Installation

DLED-9000 Assembly

CAD / IES Files

DLED-9000 7.8W HDA 2-lamp Dimensioned

DLED-9000 3.9W HDA Dimensioned



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